We are The narrowbacks


nar·row·back /ˈnæroʊˌbæk/ [nar-oh-bak]
–noun Slang. 
1. Disparaging. an Irish-American.
2. a person of slight build who is unfit for hard labor. 

The brain child of a future banker and a drop out bartender, The Narrowbacks are a fresh voice for songs and stories old and new. After some late night sing songs, a couple whiskeys and a few lost jobs we came up with a young punk attitude that found itself running through the veins of an old time folk band. 

If Joe Strummer, Shane MacGowan and Bruce Springsteen survived a drinking session through the 5 boroughs, the hangover would be called The Narrowbacks.




" Their music is literally and figuratively electric, and it sounds best live. " - Colleen Taylor, Irish Echo

"This is great music for any pub, festival, and for this being their first full length....one hell of a debut. The Narrowbacks are the real deal and the sky is the limit for this young group of paddy rockers” - John Bowles, Paddy Rock Radio


"The band's music provides a brilliant bridge between the old sod and the new world, and just try to stay in your seat when they get started. This is music to remind you of your heritage and why that heritage is the greatest one you could ask for." - Cahir Doherty, Irish Voice March 2015


"The next big and upcoming young Irish Band" - East Durham Irish Festival, 2015


" With the sad retirement of Black 47 it certainly looks like the NYC Irish have found the band to represent them." - Eddie Stevenson, London Celtic Punk


"The Narrowbacks cement their place as purveyors of vintage Irish folk songs with AFTER HOURS." - Susan Frances, AXS.com

Notable Acts We've Share the Stage with:

Dropkick Murphys

Flogging Molly & Gogol Bordello

Ken Casey of the Dropkick Murphys

Black 47
The Rubberbandits
The Mighty Stef
Derek Warfield and the Young Wolfetones
The Dublin City Ramblers
The Whistlin' Donkeys
The Mahones

If Joe Strummer, Shane MacGowan and Bruce Springsteen survived a drinking session through the 5 boroughs of New York City, the hangover would be called, The Narrowbacks. Sharing the stage with such bands as Gogol Bordello, Flogging Molly and Black 47, the band is winning over audiences across the country with their high energy set of tunes and over the top performances. The Narrowbacks are touring in support of their new EP, putting the finishing touches on their full length sophomore album, and getting ready to share the stage this March with the Dropkick Murphys - FIRE IT UP!!!